• Computer designed to achieve ultimate strength at minimum weight
  • JT combines leading-edge technology with top materials to produce the ultimate quality sprocket range with unbeatable value
  • Every sprocket meets or exceeds the highest possible quality standards
  • Sprockets are heat-treated and beadblasted to reduce material surface tension
  • Front sprockets are made with top-quality Japanese C45 high carbon steel and SCM415 chromoly steel alloy
  • Steel rear sprockets are made with top-quality Japanese C45 high carbon steel
  • Aluminum rear sprockets are made with high-strength Austrian 7075-T6 anodized aluminum
  • JT aluminum sprockets are about 30% lighter than a comparable steel equivalent, which reduces un-sprung rotating weight and improves performance
  • Lightweight front sprockets available for some applications


  • Quality, design and OEM proven technology are the same as what is supplied to the motorcycle manufacturers
  • These same sprockets are now available to the aftermarket for some models
  • Used by the major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers since early 1990's to dampen the chain impact on the teeth of the front sprocket


NOTE: When installing sprockets which differ from the OEM size, check for proper clearances before operating.

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1210-002538T Rear Sprocket$26.95
1210-002639T Rear Sprocket$26.95
1210-002740T Rear Sprocket$27.95
1210-025736T Rear Sprocket$27.95
1210-0258SPROCKET RR LTR450 38T$29.95
1210-026340T Rear Sprocket$35.95
1210-026440T Rear Sprocket$35.95
1210-041243T Rear Sprocket$29.95
1210-051937T Rear Sprocket$26.95
1210-052040T Rear Sprocket$26.95
1210-052437T Rear Sprocket$27.95
1210-052538T Rear Sprocket$28.95
1210-069240T 520 Rear Sprocket$30.95
1210-069340T Rear Sprocket$29.95
1210-078538T Rear Sprocket$21.95
1211-080838T Aluminum Rear Sprocket$27.95
1211-080939T Aluminum Rear Sprocket$27.95
1211-084740T Aluminum Rear Sprocket$28.95
1211-084841T Aluminum Rear Sprocket$28.95
1212-021613T Front Sprocket$14.95
1212-023337T Rear Sprocket$27.95
1212-023437T Rear Sprocket$26.95
1212-023542T Rear Sprocket$27.95
1212-030614T Front Sprocket$19.95
1212-030715T Front Sprocket$19.95
1212-030813T Front Sprocket$17.95
1212-030916T Front Sprocket$19.95
1212-050612T Front Sprocket$10.95
1212-050713T Front Sprocket$12.95
1212-051313T Front Sprocket$16.95
1212-051414T Front Sprocket$16.95
1212-051513T Front Sprocket$16.95
1212-051614T Front Sprocket$16.95
1212-051713T Front Sprocket$16.95
1212-051814T Front Sprocket$16.95
1212-051915T Front Sprocket$17.95
1212-052012T JT Front Sprocket$11.95
1212-052113T Front Sprocket$11.95
1212-052214T Front Sprocket$11.95
1212-0558420 17T Front Countershaft Sprocket$8.95
1212-066113T Front Sprocket$15.95
1212-066214T Front Sprocket$15.95
1212-066314T Front Sprocket$15.95
1212-067013T Front Sprocket$9.95
1212-075314T Front Sprocket$19.95
1212-075415T Front Sprocket$19.95
1212-0756Front Sprocket$16.95
1212-0761SPROCKET C/S RAPT250 14T$14.95
1212-127715T 520 Rubber Cushioned Front Sprocket$11.95
1212-127816T 520 Rubber Cushioned Front Sprocket$11.95
JTF1322-1414T Front Sprocket$14.95
JTF1322-1515T Front Sprocket$14.95
JTF1324-1111T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF1324-1212T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF1324-1313T Front Sprocket$12.95
JTF1325-1111T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF1329-1212T Front Sprocket$13.95
JTF1336-13SPROCKET, C/S 13T$16.95
JTF1336-14SPROCKET, C/S 14T$16.95
JTF1352-1212T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF1352-1313T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF1352-1414T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF1401-1313T Front Sprocket$14.95
JTF1401-1414T Front Sprocket$14.95
JTF1401-1515T Front Sprocket$14.95
JTF1407-1010T Front Sprocket$9.95
JTF1439-1111T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF1439-1212T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF1439-1313T Front Sprocket$12.95
JTF1445-1111T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF1450-13SPROCKET, C/S 13T$17.95
JTF1450-14SPROCKET, C/S 14T$17.95
JTF1503-1212T Front Sprocket$17.95
JTF1552-11SPROCKET, C/S 11T$10.95
JTF1554-13SPROCKET, C/S 13T$16.95
JTF1554-14SPROCKET, C/S 14T$16.95
JTF1901-1212T Front Sprocket$16.95
JTF252-1313T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF252-1414T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF252-1515T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF253-1313T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF253-1414T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF253-1515T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF284-1515T Front Sprocket$17.95
JTF3221-1111T Countershaft Outer Sprocket$17.95
JTF3221-1212T Front Sprocket$17.95
JTF3221-1313T Front Sprocket$17.95
JTF3222-11SPROCKET, C/S 11T$19.95
JTF3323-2222T Front Sprocket$42.95
JTF337-1212T Front Sprocket$17.95
JTF337-1313T Front Sprocket$17.95
JTF337-1414T Front Sprocket$17.95
JTF337-1515T Front Sprocket$17.95
JTF422-12SPROCKET, C/S 12T$10.95
JTF422-1313T Front Sprocket$10.95
JTF422-14SPROCKET, C/S 14T$11.95
JTF426-1213T Front Sprocket$9.95
JTF426-1313T Front Sprocket$9.95
JTF426-1414T Front Sprocket$9.95
JTF432-1111T Front Sprocket$16.95
JTF432-1212T Front Sprocket$16.95
JTF507-13SPROCKET, C/S 13T$14.95
JTF507-1414T Front Sprocket$14.95
JTF563-1111T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF563-1212T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF563-1313T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF563-1414T Front Sprocket$8.95
JTF565-1515T Front Sprocket$11.95
JTF565-1616T Front Sprocket$11.95
JTF569-1010T Front Sprocket$12.95
JTF569-1111T Front Sprocket$12.95
JTF569-1212T Front Sprocket$12.95
JTF569-1313T Front Sprocket$12.95
JTF569-1414T Front Sprocket$12.95
JTF569-1515T Front Sprocket$13.95
JTF569-1616T Front Sprocket$13.95
JTF569-1717T Front Sprocket$13.95
JTR1350-3636T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR1350-3838T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR1350-3939T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR1351-4040T Rear Sprocket$28.95
JTR1352-4040T Rear Sprocket$28.95
JTR1353-4040T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR1354-3838T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR1355-4848T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR1355-50Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR1414-4141T Rear Sprocket$31.95
JTR1414-4343T Rear Sprocket$31.95
JTR1478-3030T Rear Sprocket$27.95
JTR1478-3434T Rear Sprocket$27.95
JTR1478-3636T Rear Sprocket$27.95
JTR1478-3838T Rear Sprocket$27.95
JTR1478-4040T Rear Sprocket$29.95
JTR1478-4242T Rear Sprocket$29.95
JTR1486-4141T Rear Sprocket$30.95
JTR1486-4242T Rear Sprocket$30.95
JTR1795-2222T Rear Sprocket$17.95
JTR1825-3838T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR1825-4040T Rear Sprocket$28.95
JTR1826-3939T Rear Sprocket$27.95
JTR1826-4040T Rear Sprocket$28.95
JTR1826-4141T Rear Sprocket$28.95
JTR1826-4242T Rear Sprocket$28.95
JTR1826-4444T Rear Sprocket$30.95
JTR1910-32SPROCKET, RR 32T$22.95
JTR1912-42SPROCKET, RR 42T$28.95
JTR256-3535T Rear Sprocket$17.95
JTR256-3636T Rear Sprocket$17.95
JTR256-3737T Rear Sprocket$17.95
JTR256-3838T Rear Sprocket$18.95
JTR256-4444T Rear Sprocket$21.95
JTR256-4646T Rear Sprocket$22.95
JTR478-4242T Rear Sprocket$31.95
JTR801-3737T Rear Sprocket$16.95
JTR853-4040T Rear Sprocket$24.95
JTR853-4141T Rear Sprocket$24.95
JTR853-4242T Rear Sprocket$25.95
JTR853-4343T Rear Sprocket$25.95
JTR853-4444T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR853-4545T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR853-4646T Rear Sprocket$26.95
JTR853-4747T Rear Sprocket$29.95
JTR853-4848T Rear Sprocket$29.95
JTR853-5252T Rear Sprocket$29.95