• These billet aluminum hub kits are designed for Arlen Ness forged billet rims
  • Choose from Procross and 7-Valve style forged billet rims
  • All rims are CNC machined from radial forged 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum road durability and strength-to-weight ratio
  • Cartridge hub design features wheel bearings pre-set in one hub for optimum radial and lateral runout accuracy
  • Lightweight coped design provides form and function
  • Features a rolled rim lip for the custom look and detailed CNC machine work from the center of the hub to the edge of the rim
  • Each rim can be used on both front and/or rear of the motorcycle when correct hub kit is installed
  • Each hub kit includes everything you need for Indian Bagger applications with TPMS or without TPMS; regardless of your wheel diameter
  • Hub kits mount to your Arlen Ness forged rims in minutes with basic tools offering excellent flexibility for stock or custom applications, and allowing all sizes to be available for most applications
  • Rims accept Arlen Ness hub kits, which allows full wheels to be assembled in minutes with basic tools
  • Structurally tested to meet or exceed DOT, JAS and TUV international load ratings
  • Available in chrome or black anodized finish, each hub kit includes everything needed for simple installation



NOTE: Rims do not include hubs. Hubs are purchased separately.

NOTE: Hubs listed accept factory or aftermarket hub mounted 5-bolt hub mounted rotors (3.25" bolt circle).

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0210-0332RIM P-CROSS 18X5.50 BLK$1,099.95
0210-0333RIM P-CROSS 21X3.50 BLK$899.95
0210-0338RIM P-CROSS 18X5.50 CHR$1,099.95
0210-0339RIM P-CROSS 21X3.50 CHR$999.95
0210-0344RIM 7VALVE 18X5.50 BLK$899.95
0210-0345RIM 7VALVE 21X3.50 BLK$799.95
0210-0350RIM 7VALVE 18X5.50 CHR$1,049.95
0210-0351RIM 7VALVE 21X3.50 CHR$899.95
0213-0822HUB FT 14-CHIEF BK W/TPMS$299.95
0213-0823HUB FT 14-CHIEF CH W/TPMS$299.95
0213-0824HUB FT 14-CHIEF BK NOTPMS$299.95
0213-0825HUB FT 14-CHIEF CH NOTPMS$299.95
0213-0826HUB RR 14-CHIEF BK W/TPMS$299.95
0213-0827HUB RR 14-CHIEF CH W/TPMS$299.95
0213-0828HUB RR 14-CHIEF BK NOTPMS$299.95
0213-0829HUB RR 14-CHIEF CH NOTPMS$299.95