• One of the broadest ranges of aftermarket coverage
  • TUV approved and production monitored to ensure OEM or better quality
  • Constructed using the best materials available
  • With the experience of more than five decades, constant research and development and featuring a completely modern production facility Hiflofiltro offers some of the best quality filters in the world
  • The original Hiflofiltro factory was founded in 1955 and has been manufacturing filters for the OEM motor industry since 1963


  • Premium rubber relief valve for 100% seal
  • High-performance tri-fiber media for optimum filtration and consistent oil flow
  • See price list for equivalent Racing Filters
  • Compatible with all oil types
  • Heavy-duty steel casing features a welded hex nut for easier removal and installation


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0712-0034Oil Filter$4.00
0712-0043Oil Filter$8.45
0712-0061Oil Filter$7.90
0712-0080Oil Filter$7.90
0712-0116Oil Filter$8.60
0712-0117Oil Filter$8.60
0712-0296Hiflowfiltro Oil Filter$8.80
0712-0297Oil Filter$5.10
0712-0301Black Spin-On Oil Filter$8.60
0712-0302OIL FILTER CAN AM DS450$6.70
0712-0362Oil Filter$6.15
0712-0364Oil Filter$8.80
0712-0433Racing Oil Filter$8.15
0712-0437Racing Oil Filter$8.15
0712-0438Racing Oil Filter$8.15
0712-0504Oil Filter$7.95
0712-0507Oil Filter$7.30
HF111Oil Filter$4.65
HF112Oil Filter$3.65
HF113Oil Filter$3.65
HF123Oil Filter$4.10
HF131Oil Filter$3.75
HF132Oil Filter$3.95
HF138Oil Filter$8.15
HF138CChrome Oil Filter$11.95
HF139Oil Filter$4.20
HF141Oil Filter$4.90
HF142Oil Filter$7.70
HF143Oil Filter$7.75
HF145Oil Filter$4.90
HF147Oil Filter$8.15
HF152Standard Oil Filter$7.95
HF155Oil Filter$5.75
HF157Oil Filter$5.75
HF196Oil Filter$9.05
HF204Standard Oil Filter$8.15
HF303Oil Filter$8.15
HF303CChrome Oil Filter$12.05