• Gaskets and gasket sets used by professionals in high-performance machines and as OE replacements worldwide
  • Each PART # contains the proper amount of gaskets for one application
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Bottom end gasket kits include correct oil seals, O-rings, drain plug washers, water pump cover gaskets
  • Some kits available with clutch and magneto cover gaskets made from EST material instead of fiber; see chart
  • Purchase a top and a bottom end gasket kit for a complete gasket kit when doing a total engine rebuild
  • Top end gasket kits include correct base, head gasket and cylinder O-rings as well as other top end specific O-rings or seals needed for R&R of top end
  • Materials will vary depending on what is correct and engineered for specified application


  • Made for extreme temperatures
  • Gasket material and construction will vary by application to ensure longevity with leak free performance under all conditions


  • Aluminum core gives the gasket strength for a superior seal and prevents the gasket from weeping or crawling out in today's engine cases with limited sealing surfaces
  • No sealants required for installation
  • Save service time as AFM will not stick to the engine case making replacement quick and easy, no more scraping
  • Clutch and stator cover gaskets are made from an AFM material which is a chemically blown, compounded nitrile synthetic rubber bonded to an aluminum core


  • Provides quality, high-tech sealing solutions at a cost less than the OEMs
  • Valve cover gaskets are made from application specific materials to ensure longevity and correct fitment for a leak free seal


  • Domestically made sets include the correct amount of seals for one application
  • Available in complete crankshaft oil seal kits


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0934-027382mm Top End Gasket Kit$36.95
0934-087796mm Top End EST Gasket Kit$87.95
0934-087898mm Top End EST Gasket Kit$88.95
0934-0880106mm Top End Gasket Kit$41.95
0934-088196mm Top End Gasket Kit$79.95
0934-0883103mm Top End EST Gasket Kit$87.95
0934-0884104mm Top End EST Gasket Kit$87.95
0934-0885105mm Top End Gasket Kit$87.95
0934-088868mm Top End Gasket Kit$40.95
0934-088984mm Top End EST Gasket Kit$70.95
0934-0896102mm Top End EST Gasket Set$87.95
0934-089786mm Top End Gasket Kit$79.95
0934-089889mm Top End Gasket Kit$79.95
0934-089994mm Top End Gasket Kit$71.95
0934-093395mm Top End EST Gasket Kit$72.95
0934-093792mm Top End Gasket Kit$62.95
0934-093894mm Top End Gasket Kit$62.95
0934-241087mm Top End Gasket Kit$108.95
0934-242695mm Top End Gasket Kit$95.95
0934-242897mm Top End Gasket Kit$95.95
0934-409498mm Top End Gasket Kit$54.95
0934-4095101mm Top End Gasket Kit$54.95
0934-410398mm Top End EST Gasket Kit$73.95
0934-410796mm Top End Gasket Kit$54.95
0934-412380mm Top End Gasket Kit$70.95
0934-413399mm Top End Gasket Kit$80.95
0934-413585mm Top End Gasket Kit$128.95
0934-4148Bottom End Gasket Kit$57.95
0934-4149Bottom End Gasket Kit$39.95
0934-4158100mm Top End Gasket Kit$57.95
0934-4159Bottom End Gasket Kit$44.95
0934-416693.5mm Top End Gasket Kit$85.95
0934-4176102mm Top End Gasket Kit$70.95
0934-417992mm Top End Gasket Kit$79.95
0934-4224100mm Top End Gasket Kit$88.95
0934-427994mm Top End Gasket Kit$49.95
0934-4293Bottom End Gasket Kit$66.95
0934-4298Exhaust Gasket$2.95
0934-4321Clutch Cover Gasket$12.95
0934-4322Clutch Cover Gasket$14.95
0934-4333Clutch Cover Gasket$18.95
0934-4364Clutch Cover Gasket$19.95
0934-4367Mag Cover Gasket$12.95
0934-4377Clutch Cover Gasket$11.95
0934-4378Mag Cover Gasket$17.95
0934-4384Clutch Cover Gasket$11.95
0934-4386Mag Cover Gasket$15.95
0934-4396Clutch Cover Gasket$9.95
0934-4397Mag Cover Gasket$10.95
0934-4433Clutch Cover Gasket$13.95
0934-4434Mag Cover$7.95
0934-4436Clutch Cover Gasket$18.95
0934-4437Mag Cover Gasket$18.95
0934-4438Clutch Cover Gasket$17.95
0934-4439Clutch Cover Gasket$15.95
0934-4442Clutch Cover Gasket$15.95
0934-4447Mag Cover Gasket$14.95
0934-4465Mag Cover Gasket$16.95
0934-4466Clutch Cover Gasket$16.95
0934-4485Clutch Cover Gasket$24.95
0934-4492Clutch Cover Gasket$9.95
0934-4502Mag Cover Gasket$5.95
0934-4503Clutch Cover Gasket$14.95
0934-4509Mag Cover Gasket$14.95
0934-4519Exhaust Gasket$2.95
0934-4520Exhaust Gasket$3.95
0934-4527Exhaust Gasket$2.95
0934-4532Exhaust Gasket$3.95
0934-4534Exhaust Gasket$5.95
0934-4541Exhaust Gasket$10.95
0934-4544Exhaust Gasket$8.95
0934-4545Exhaust Gasket$8.95
0934-4546Exhaust Gasket$2.95
0934-4549Exhaust Gasket$2.95
0934-4554Exhaust Gasket$10.95
0934-4556Exhaust Gasket$7.95
0934-4566Valve Cover$31.95
0934-4571Valve Cover$23.95
C702172mm Top End Gasket Kit$35.95
C702368mm Top End Gasket Kit$40.95
C702567mm Top End Gasket Kit$25.95
C702675mm Top End Gasket Kit$25.95
C707169mm Top End Gasket Kit$37.95
C709465.5mm Top End Gasket Kit$31.95
C709684mm Top End Gasket Kit$27.95
C712472mm Top End Gasket Kit$21.95
C714482mm Top End Gasket Kit$25.95
C721397mm Top End Gasket Kit$28.95
C722267mm Top End Gasket Kit$25.95
C726585mm Top End Gasket Kit$31.95
C727566.5mm Top End Gasket Kit$31.95
C727986mm Top End Gasket Kit$30.95
C731668mm Top End Gasket Kit$31.95
C7798102mm Top End Gasket Kit$66.95
C782667mm Top End Gasket Kit$36.95