• Sold each
  • Exact custom replacement boots guaranteed to fit
  • EPI super-duty quality replacement boot kit
  • Super-tough polychloroprene material withstands heat, cold and abuse
  • Includes: 1 CV boot, clamps, grease


  • Includes: 1 cv boot, 2 clamps, grease, banding tool
  • Sold each
  • Universal fit design
  • Unique material remains very pliable in extremely cold applications


NOTE: Extreme Cold CV boots are for use in extreme cold conditions only.

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0213-0065Standard Outer/Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0066Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0067Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0072Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0073Standard Outer CV Boot$15.95
0213-0074Standard Inner CV Boot$15.95
0213-0080Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0082Standard Inner/Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0083Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0085Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0086Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0088Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0090BOOT CV INBOARD KIT YAM$13.95
0213-0091Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0092Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0219Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0221Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0222Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0224Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0225Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0226Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0341Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0342Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0343Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0344Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0213-0347Standard Inner/Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0348Standard Inner/Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0349Standard Outer CV Boot$14.95
0213-0350Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0351Extreme Cold Outer CV Boot$22.95
0213-0352Extreme Cold Inner CV Boot$22.95
0213-0364Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0365Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0213-0366BOOT CV INBOARD KIT$13.95
0213-0367Standard Outer CV Boot$24.95
0213-0457Standard Inner CV Boot$24.95
0213-0613Standard Inner/Outer CV Boot$14.95
0213-0614Standard Inner/Outer CV Boot$14.95
0213-0615Standard Front Inboard CV Boot$14.95
0213-0616Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0214-0587Standard Inner/Outer CV Boot$14.95
0214-0588Standard Front/Rear Inboard/Outboard CV Boot$14.95
0214-0613Complete Rear Axle Assembly$176.95
0214-0616Complete Front Axle Assembly$189.95
0214-0816Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0214-0817Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0214-0818Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0214-0819Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
0214-0820Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0214-1221Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
0214-1222Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95
WE130010Standard Outer CV Boot$24.95
WE130015Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
WE130020Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
WE135530Standard Outer CV Boot$13.95
WE135535Standard Inner CV Boot$13.95