• DP Brakes Brake Pads are designed with sintered metal compounds to give your ATV high-tech performance in all conditions
  • Pads have a quick break-in period so you get maximum performance fast
  • DP Brakes design and materials ensure consistent, hard stops and fade-free performance
  • Sintered metal compounds outlast more conventional organic or aramid fiber pads
  • See page XXX for brake pad application chart
  • Use DP Brakes Rotors in conjunction with DP Brakes Brake Pads for the ultimate in braking performance


  • Equally adept in wet or dry conditions
  • Excellent initial response and quick break-in
  • Provide a competitive edge under all conditions
  • Gray-colored, state-of-the-art zirconium-based ceramic material on back plate works as a heat shield in maximum-stress race conditions
  • ATV brake pads are available in a specialized number of fitments as listed in application chart
  • High-performance HH-rated friction material
  • No brake fade


  • A high-quality brake shoe to expand the DP Brakes ATV line
  • Asbestos free
  • Pad compound gives equal performance in wet or dry conditions
  • The ideal replacement pad where durability is the prime requirement
  • GG-friction rated and made with DP Brakes' proven sintered-metal material
  • Bright, attractive pegboard packaging
  • TUV/KBA approved to EEC braking regulation 13/05
  • GF-rated friction material provides excellent all-around performance with lasting durability
  • Gray-colored aluminum oxide-based ceramic material on rear of back plate keeps heat away from caliper piston and fluid in extreme conditions for fade-free performance



Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1721-0529Brake Pads$37.95
1721-0530Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0539Pro MX Sintered Brake Pads$42.95
1721-0540Pro MX Sintered Brake Pads$42.95
1721-0541Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0681Brake Pads$45.95
1721-0682Brake Pads$43.95
1721-0683Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0684Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0685Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0686Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0687Brake Pads$37.95
1721-0734Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0815Brake Pads$45.95
1721-0816Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0817Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0818Brake Pads$38.95
1721-0819Brake Pads$37.95
1721-1231Brake Pads$37.95
1721-1232Brake Pads$37.95
1721-1233Brake Pads$37.95
1721-1448Brake Pads$38.95
1721-1449Brake Pads$38.95
1721-1901DP Brakes 541 Sintered Metal Brake Pad$37.95
1721-1902Brake Pads$40.95
1721-1903Brake Pads$40.95
1721-1904Brake Pads$40.95
1721-1905Brake Pads$40.95
1721-2134Sintered Metal Brake Pad$37.95
1721-2163Brake Pads$45.95
1721-2164Brake Pads$45.95
1721-2500Brake Pads$41.95
1721-2501Brake Pads$41.95
1721-2520Sintered Brake Pads$41.95
1721-2521Brake Pads$41.95
1721-2522Brake Pads$41.95
1721-2523Brake Pads$39.95
1721-2524Brake Pads$39.95
1723-0011Brake Shoes$32.95
1723-0012Brake Shoes$23.95
1723-0108Brake Shoes$43.95
DP-107Brake Pads$38.95
DP-310Brake Pads$42.95
DP-312Brake Pads$43.95
DP-321Brake Pads$38.95
DP-326Brake Pads$38.95
DP-406Brake Pads$43.95
DP-411Brake Pads$37.95
DP-412Brake Pads$37.95
DP-617Brake Pads$37.95
DP-631Sintered Metal Brake Pads$42.95
DP-811Brake Pads$37.95
DP-812Brake Pads$37.95
DP-814Brake Pads$37.95
DP-817Brake Pads$37.95
DP-821Brake Pads$37.95
DP-902Brake Pads$37.95
DP-903PAD, ATV POL, REAR$37.95
DP-9100Brake Shoe$18.95
DP-9102Brake Shoes$30.95
DP-9108Brake Shoes$28.95
DP-9111Brake Shoes$23.95
DP-9113Brake Shoes$23.95
DP-9114Brake Shoes$20.95
DP-9117Brake Shoes$38.95
DP-9119Brake Shoes$44.95
DP-9122Brake Shoes$29.95
DP-9125Brake Shoes$31.95
DP-9127Brake Shoes$39.95
DP-9133Brake Shoes$37.95
DP-9134Brake Shoes$27.95
DP-9138Brake Shoes$20.95
DP-914Brake Pads$37.95
DP-9140Brake Shoes$24.95
DP-915Brake Pads$37.95
DP-9186Brake Shoes$34.95
DP-9187Brake Shoes$54.95
DP-919Brake Pads$38.95
DP-920Brake Pads$38.95
DP-929Brake Pads$38.95
DP-930Brake Pads$38.95
DP-932Brake Pads$37.95
DP813Brake Pads$37.95
DP841Brake Pads$37.95
DP843Brake Pads$45.95
DP909Brake Pads$37.95
DP9132Brake Shoes$39.95
DP9145Brake Shoes$50.95
DP9146Brake Shoes$38.95
DP9147Brake Shoes$38.95
DP9148Brake Shoes$46.95
DP9149Brake Shoes$41.95
DP9150Brake Shoes$35.95
DP9151Brake Shoes$32.95
DP9152Brake Shoes$35.95
DP9153Brake Shoes$45.95
DP9155Brake Shoes$28.95
DP9156Brake Shoes$32.95
DP9157Organic Brake Shoe$45.95
DP9158Brake Shoes$45.95
DP9159Brake Shoes$44.95
DP9160Brake Shoes$46.95
DP9161Brake Shoes$31.95
DP9162Brake Shoes$35.95
DP9163Brake Shoes$25.95
DP9164Brake Shoes$38.95
DP9165Brake Shoes$38.95
DP9167Brake Shoes$45.95
DP9200Brake Shoes$18.95
DP9201Brake Shoes$25.95
DP9202Brake Shoes$34.95
DP9203Brake Shoes$34.95
DP9204Brake Shoes$34.95
DP944Brake Pads$45.95
SDP-107MXPro MX Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-310MXPro MX Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-321MXPro MX Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-811MXPro MX Sintered Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-812MXPro MX Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-814MXPro MX Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-902MXPro MX Sintered Brake Pads$42.95