• Pads have a quick break-in period so you get maximum performance fast
  • DP Brakes' design and materials ensure consistent hard stops and fade-free performance
  • Sintered metal compounds outlast more conventional organic or aramid fiber pads
  • DP Brakes' brake pads are designed with sintered metal compounds to give your bike high-tech performance in all conditions


  • Ideal replacement for street and touring machines where durability is the prime requirement
  • GG friction rated and made with DP Brakes' proven sintered metal material
  • Gray-colored aluminum oxide-based ceramic material on rear of backing plate keeps heat away from caliper piston and fluid in extreme conditions for fade-free performance
  • Pad compound gives equal performance in wet or dry conditions
  • No brake fade


  • High-tech ceramic heat shield eliminates brake fade
  • For front wheel use only
  • Dust-free compound design
  • Quick break-in so you get maximum braking ability fast
  • Powerful, industry-high HH+ friction rating with no mileage penalty


  • Developed with the aid of top works teams to perform at the World Superbike level, where an HH friction rating is required
  • Fade free even in the harshest conditions
  • Gray colored, state-of-the-art zirconium-based ceramic material on rear of backing plate works as heat shield in high-stress conditions to keep heat away from caliper piston and fluid
  • Quick one-lap break-in


  • Equally adept in wet or dry conditions
  • Gray colored, state-of-the-art zirconium-based ceramic material on backplate works as a heat shield in maximum-stress race conditions
  • Developed by Pro Factory riders for MX, enduro, hare scrambles, supercross and off-road use where performance is the prime requirement
  • MX Sport recommended for competitive enduro use
  • No brake fade
  • Excellent initial response and quick break-in
  • High-performance HH-rated friction material


  • Asbestos-free shoes from DP Brakes
  • Excellent overall performance and lasting durability


WARNING: RDP Race pads are for Race/Track use only; not for street use. These pads are for Race/Track use only. Any other use could result in death or serious injury.


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1721-0089Sintered Brake Pads$48.95
1721-0090RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$58.95
1721-0121Standard Sintered Brake Pads$48.95
1721-0122Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pads$40.95
1721-0123Sintered Double-H Brake Pads$48.95
1721-0124DP Brakes RDP Race Brake Pads$58.95
1721-0540Pro MX Sintered Brake Pads$42.95
1721-0588Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
1721-0591Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
1721-0654DP Sintered Brake Pads$48.95
1721-0655Standard Sintered Brake Pads$45.95
1721-0656DP Brakes Rear Brake Pad$48.95
1721-0658Sintered Double-H Brake Pads$48.95
1721-0659DP Brakes RDP Race Brake Pads$70.95
1721-0660Sport HH+ Brake Pads$70.95
1721-0661RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$70.95
1721-0662Sport HH+ Ceramic Front Brake Pads$70.95
1721-0678DP Brakes RDP Race Brake Pads$58.95
1721-0679DP Brakes Sintered Metal Brake Pads$58.95
1721-0952RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$59.95
1721-1255Sintered Metal Brake Pads$70.95
1721-1256DP Brakes SDP Sport Brake Pads$70.95
1721-1447Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
1721-1733Sintered Standard Performance Brake Pads$40.95
1721-1736Sintered Sport HH+ Supersport Performance Brake Pads$48.95
1721-1746Sintered Standard Performance Brake Pads$45.95
1721-1835Sintered Standard Performance Brake Pads$43.95
1721-1836Sintered Standard Performance Brake Pads$45.95
1721-1920Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$47.95
1721-1927Sport HH+Sintered Metal Pads$45.95
1721-1928Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
1721-1929Sport HH+ Sintered Metal Front Brake Pads$45.95
1721-2133Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
1721-2172Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
1721-2175Brake Pads$48.95
1721-2292DP Brakes Front Brake Pad$40.95
1721-2325DP Brakes RDP Race Brake Pads$59.95
1721-2450Brake Pads$49.95
1721-2519Front Brake Pads$41.95
1721-2557BRAKE PAD SINTRD DP557$46.95
1721-2559Brake Pads$49.95
1721-2567Brake Pads$48.95
1721-2727RDP Race Brake Pads$59.95
1721-2728SDP Sport HH+ Brake Pads$49.95
1721-2729BRAKE PAD SINTRD DP577$44.95
1721-2731RDP Race Brake Pads$59.95
1721-2732RDP Race Brake Pads$59.95
1721-2733RDP Race Brake Pads$59.95
1721-2817BRAKE PAD SINTRD DP582$49.95
1721-2818BRAKE PAD SINTRD DP584$49.95
1722-0137Organic Brake Pads$22.95
1723-0009Brake Pad$65.95
1723-0120DP Brakes Rear Brake Pad and Shoe$18.95
1723-0147BRAKE SHOE DP STRT DP9199$34.95
DP-101Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-102Stanard Sintered Metal Brake Pads$45.95
DP-103Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-104Brake Pads$45.95
DP-105Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-107Brake Pads$38.95
DP-109Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-110Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-111DP Brakes Front Brake Pad$43.95
DP-112DP Brakes Rear Brake Pad$48.95
DP-115Brake Pads$47.95
DP-116Brake Pads$45.95
DP-117Sintered Metal Front Brake Pads$47.95
DP-118Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
DP-121Double H Sintered Brake Pads$48.95
DP-128Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
DP-203Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-205Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-207Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-210DP Brakes Front Brake Pad$45.95
DP-211Brake Pads$37.95
DP-212Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-213Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
DP-216Sintered Metal Brake Pads$47.95
DP-220Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
DP-300Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-304Sintered Metal Brake Pads For Aftermarket Calipers$42.95
DP-308/9Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-310Brake Pads$42.95
DP-311Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-313Brake Pads$37.95
DP-314Brake Pads$48.95
DP-315Brake Pads$37.95
DP-316PAD, KAW/SUZ, F/R$48.95
DP-317Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
DP-318Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
DP-320Sintered Metal Rear Brake Pads$45.95
DP-322Standard Sintered Brake Pads$48.95
DP-323Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
DP-401Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-402Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-403Brake Pads$45.95
DP-404Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-407Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-409Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-410Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
DP-411Brake Pads$37.95
DP-412Brake Pads$37.95
DP-414Standard Sintered Brake Pads$48.95
DP-416Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
DP-419Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP-420Brake Pads$45.95
DP-421Standard Sintered Brake Pads$48.95
DP-500Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$42.95
DP-501Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pads$42.95
DP-600/701Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$42.95
DP-601Brake Pads$42.95
DP-608Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
DP-614Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
DP-615Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
DP-617Brake Pads$37.95
DP-622Brake Pads$38.95
DP-630Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
DP-631Sintered Metal Brake Pads$42.95
DP-637PAD, BMW, REAR$48.95
DP-641Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
DP-701Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$43.95
DP-9100Brake Shoe$18.95
DP-9101Brake Shoe$19.95
DP-9102Brake Shoes$30.95
DP-9103SHOE, HON, REAR$36.95
DP-9104SHOE, HON, REAR$48.95
DP-9107Brake Shoes$18.95
DP-9108Brake Shoes$28.95
DP-9109Brake Shoes$18.95
DP-9111Brake Shoes$23.95
DP-9112Brake Shoes$23.95
DP-9113Brake Shoes$23.95
DP-9116Replacement Brake Shoes$41.95
DP-9117Brake Shoes$38.95
DP-9118SHOE, KAW, REAR$50.95
DP-9119Brake Shoes$44.95
DP-9121SHOE, HON, REAR$54.95
DP-9125Brake Shoes$31.95
DP-9126Brake Shoe$23.95
DP-9127Brake Shoes$39.95
DP-9128SHOE, YAM, F/R$56.95
DP-9129SHOE, YAM, REAR$60.95
DP-9130Brake Shoes$34.95
DP-9131Replacement Brake Shoes$59.95
DP-9133Brake Shoes$37.95
DP-9134Brake Shoes$27.95
DP-9139Brake Shoes$29.95
DP-9140Brake Shoes$24.95
DP-9143Brake Shoes$34.95
DP-916Sintered Metal Brake Pads$45.95
DP-9186Brake Shoes$34.95
DP-9187Brake Shoes$54.95
DP-9188SHOE, BMW, REAR$73.95
DP-9189SHOE, BMW, REAR$73.95
DP108Brake Pads$42.95
DP122PAD, HON, F/R$48.95
DP125Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
DP126Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
DP206Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP208Brake Pads$38.95
DP217Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP302Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP418Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$45.95
DP623Brake Pads$48.95
DP625Standard Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
DP628Sintered Rear Brake Pads$47.95
DP9124Brake Shoes$24.95
DP9132Brake Shoes$39.95
DP9136Brake Shoes$28.95
DP9145Brake Shoes$50.95
DP9148Brake Shoes$46.95
DP9151Brake Shoes$32.95
DP9153Brake Shoes$45.95
DP9157Organic Brake Shoe$45.95
DP9161Brake Shoes$31.95
RDP-127DP Brakes SDP Sport Brake Pads$58.95
RDP-418DP Bakes RDP Brake Pads$58.95
RDP-630DP Brakes RDP Race Brake Pads$58.95
RDP-638RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$70.95
RDP-922RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$58.95
RDP110RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$58.95
RDP117RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$58.95
RDP213RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$58.95
RDP216RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$58.95
RDP324Sintered Metal Front Brake Pads$48.95
RDP415RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$58.95
RDP614RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$58.95
RDP942RDP Race Pads/X-Race Titanium Brake Pads$70.95
SDP-112HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-116HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-117HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-124HHSupersport Sintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
SDP-127HHSDP Sport HH+ Sintered Metal Front Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-128HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-213HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-216HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-310MXPro MX Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-317HHSintered Front Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-321MXPro MX Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-404HHDP Brakes SDP Sport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-409HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-410HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-415HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-416HHSport HH+ Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-418HHDouble H Sintered Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-614HHSport HH+ Front Brake Pad$48.95
SDP-615HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-617MXPro MX High-Performance Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-622MXBrake Pads$42.95
SDP-625HHSport HH+ Supersport Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-630HHSintered Metal Brake Pad$48.95
SDP-638HHBrake Pads$70.95
SDP-639HHSintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-641HHSintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
SDP-815MXPro MX High-Performance Brake Pads$42.95
SDP-911HHSport HH+ Sintered Metal Brake Pads For Aftermarket Calipers$42.95
SDP-922HHSport HH+ Front Brake Pad$48.95
SDP322HHFront Sintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
SDP323HHSintered Metal Brake Pads$48.95
SDP942Sintered Metal Brake Pads$68.95