• Order model specific tanklock hardware
  • Choose Tanklock bag


  • Choose type of top case luggage
  • Order the model specific top case mounting plate for luggage type
  • Order top case side arms (required if listed)


  • Order required kit for mounting side case without top case (required if listed)
  • Order the model specific side case mounting plate for luggage type
  • Choose type of side case luggage



Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1510-0336Monolock®/Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$73.00
1510-0339Monolock®/Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$99.00
1510-0340Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$119.00
1510-0341Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$168.00
1510-0342Monolock® Top Case Mounting Plate$165.00
1510-0343Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$122.00
1510-0344Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$92.00
1510-0345Monolock®/Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$36.00
1510-0346Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$150.00
1510-0347Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$134.00
1510-0348Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$133.00
1510-0349Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$109.00
1510-0350Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$134.00
1510-0351Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$127.00
1510-0352Monolock®/Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$57.00
1510-0353Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$169.00
1510-0354Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$195.00
1510-0355Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$210.00
1510-0357Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$195.00
1510-0358Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$207.00
1510-0359Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$199.00
1510-0360Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$124.00
1510-0361Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$126.00
1510-0368Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$119.00
1510-0370Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$113.00
1510-0373Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$83.00
1510-0376Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$114.00
1510-0378Monolock®/Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$80.00
1510-0379Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$114.00
1510-0381Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$134.00
2020-1530TURN SIG RELCTN KIT$30.00
2020-1531TURN SIG RELCTN KIT$20.00
3501-13172-Piece Tanklock Keyed Lock Set$39.00
3501-13183-Piece Tanklock Keyed Lock Set$58.00
3501-1319Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$279.00
3501-1321Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$306.00
3501-1322Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$225.00
3501-1323SIDECASE HW MSTRADA$26.00
3501-1324V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$243.00
3501-1328V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$240.00
3502-0266Tanklock Mounting Hardware$18.00
3502-0267Tanklock Mounting Hardware$18.00
3502-0269Tanklock Mounting Hardware$18.00
3502-0270Tanklock Mounting Hardware$18.00
3502-0273Tanklock Mounting Hardware$18.00
3502-0274Tanklock Mounting Hardware$18.00
3502-0276Tanklock Mounting Hardware$67.00
3502-0278Tanklock Mounting Hardware$18.00
3502-0279Tanklock Mounting Hardware$22.00
3502-0280Tanklock Mounting Hardware$51.00
3502-0283Tanklock Mounting Hardware$18.00
3502-0285Tanklock Mounting Hardware$18.00
3502-0286Tanklock Mounting Hardware$34.00
3516-0246Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$119.00
3516-0247Universal Monokey® Top Case Mount$76.00
3516-0249Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$98.00
3516-0250Monokey® Top Case Side Arm$103.00
3516-0253Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$69.00
3516-0254Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$66.00
3516-0255Monokey® Top Case Mounting Plate$66.00
3521-0008Monokey®/V35 Side Case Mounting Rack Without Top Case$42.00
3521-0009Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack Without Top Case$120.00
3521-0013Monokey®/V35 Side Case Mounting Rack Without Top Case$14.00
3521-0014Monokey®/V35 Side Case Mounting Rack Without Top Case$80.00
3521-0015Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$213.00
3521-0018Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$240.00
3521-0019Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$249.00
3521-0020Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$288.00
3521-0021Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$275.00
3521-0023Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$185.00
3521-0024Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$229.00
3521-0025Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$252.00
3521-0026Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$285.00
3521-0027Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$214.00
3521-0028Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$288.00
3521-0029Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$275.00
3521-0032Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$242.00
3521-0034Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$193.00
3521-0035Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$280.00
3521-0036Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$206.00
3521-0037Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$200.00
3521-0038Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$249.00
3521-0039Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$288.00
3521-0040Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$288.00
3521-0041Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$282.00
3521-0042Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$220.00
3521-0043Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$185.00
3521-0044Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$259.00
3521-0045Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$252.00
3521-0046Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$255.00
3521-0047Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$212.00
3521-0048Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$218.00
3521-0049Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$288.00
3521-0050Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$218.00
3521-0051Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$233.00
3521-0052Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$257.00
3521-0055Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$295.00
3521-0056Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$275.00
3521-0057Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$275.00
3521-0058Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$257.00
3521-0059Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$267.00
3521-0060Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$274.00
3521-0062Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$308.00
3521-0064V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$249.00
3521-0065Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$391.00
3521-0066Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$299.00
3521-0067V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$254.00
3521-0069V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$244.00
3521-0070SIDECASE MOUNT PLX166$204.00
3521-0072V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$214.00
3521-0077V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$215.00
3521-0079V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$238.00
3521-0080Monokey®/V35 Side Case Mounting Rack Without Top Case$29.00
3521-0083V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$203.00
3521-0084V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$203.00
3521-0091V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$290.00
3521-0096V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$285.00
3521-0097V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$262.00
3521-0099V35 Side Case Mounting Rack$307.00
3521-0101Monokey® Side Case Mounting Rack$230.00
3521-0102Trekker Outback Side Case Mounting Rack$253.00
3521-0106MOUNTING KIT CRF1000L$38.00
3521-0109SIDECASE HW BMW G310GS$249.00
3521-0111OUTBACK H/W 1290SA 17-19$15.00
3521-0112SIDEFRAMES RR CRF1000L$350.00
3521-0113SIDEFRAMES RR TIGER 800$345.00
3521-0114RACKS KTM 1090-1290 13-20$303.00
3521-0117SPEC RACK HON CRF250L$85.00
3521-0118SPECIFIC RACK CRF1000L2$185.00
3521-0119SPECIFIC RACK CRF1000L$150.00
3521-0121SPECIFIC RACK BMW G310GS$99.00
3521-0123SIDE CASE HW VERSYS-X 300$190.00