• Lightweight, strong and reliable
  • Must purchase cam arms and spring separately
  • Especially suited for high-performance use
  • 102-C clutches are available for 11/4​" and 15/16​" belt widths
  • Completely adjustable for any snowmobile engine's power curve – simply change cam arms and spring
  • See Comet's 108-EXP clutches for 13/8​" belt widths and additional 11/4​" widths
  • Two-piece roller design matches 1985 production


NOTE: A flush bore depth indicates the taper begins exactly at the inner edge of the fixed face casting. Positive (+) numbers indicate the taper starts the specified distance into the casting, while negative (-) numbers indicate the taper begins in an extension out of the fixed face casting.

NOTE: All 102-C clutches can be set for 15/16" belt widths by adding one PART #207398A belt spacer.

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
208300-.245" 102-C Clutch$375.95
208301-.25" 102-C Clutch$375.95
208302+.195" 102-C Clutch$375.95
208306-.2" 102-C Clutch$375.95
212600Flush 102-C Clutch$375.95