• Designed for more power, more endurance, more of everything you need for speed – and now accept OEM starter rings for electric starters
  • Wider rollers for increased bearing area (33% more)
  • Uncalibrated clutches are sold without cam arms and spring
  • 1997 and newer 108-EXP clutches include special recessed mounting bolt with special pilot washer
  • Tried, tested and built to handle high-horsepower engines
  • Each features a bushing in the movable face and redesigned fixed face for increased durability
  • Consistently smooth shifting even after hours of use


NOTE: 108-EXP clutches use the same cam arms and spring as the 108-C.

NOTE: A flush bore depth indicates the taper begins exactly at the inner edge of the fixed face casting. Positive (+) numbers indicate the taper starts the specified distance into the casting; while negative (-) numbers indicate the taper begins in an extension out of the fixed face casting. See illustration on Parts Identification page. Belt width can be adjusted on clutch models that list more than one dimension. Std. = Clutch is pre-set to the belt width listed. Opt. = Clutch can be adjusted to the belt width listed.

NOTE: Change any 108-EXP clutch to accept 17/16" belt width by installing one spacer washer under the spider washers from belt spacer kit PART #214393.

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
1140-0062Flush 108 EXP Clutch$374.95
1140-0085Flush 108 EXP Clutch$374.95
1140-0086Flush 108 EXP Clutch$374.95
1140-0087+1.02" 108 EXP Clutch$374.95
1140-0088Flush 108 EXP Clutch$374.95
1140-0089Flush 108 EXP Clutch$374.95
217504+.200" 108 EXP Clutch$399.95
217506-.140" 108 EXP Clutch$399.95