• Gaskets and gasket sets used by professionals in high-performance machines and as OE replacements worldwide
  • Materials may vary depending on what is correct and engineered for specified application
  • Each PART # contains the proper amount of gaskets for one application
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • High-quality, domestically made oil seals that are sold in a set containing both crankshaft seals per application


  • 4-stroke applications utilize a double-sided VitonĀ® rubber-coated stainless steel gasket providing precise, high-temperature sealing capabilities in all conditions
  • Exhaust gasket kits are made for extreme temperatures, utilizing a steel-tanged outer layer that bites into the Armor-400 inner layer (heat-resistant to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit), providing ultimate strength from blow-outs or push-outs created by over-torqued situations
  • Sold as a set


  • Intake gasket kits are made using either a .020" thick aramid fiber material or an AFM material that is comprised of a compounded nitrile synthetic rubber bonded to an aluminum core with an 85% recovery rate while maintaining strong torque retention
  • Intake gasket kits are designed to resist pushing out from excess torque being applied and are designed for long life
  • AFM does not require gasket sealers or retorquing


  • Exhaust power valve kits are made from either .020" thick aramid fiber or an AFM coated aluminum core gasket assembly with superior strength and ease of use


  • 4-stroke head gaskets are made to perform on today's highest-output 4-stroke naturally aspirated and boosted machines, utilizing a multi-layered steel design with the outer layers being embossed and coated with a Viton rubber coating; these head gaskets are designed to meet the demands of today's high-horsepower, high-cylinder-pressure engines
  • Complete kits contain every gasket, sealing washer, O-ring and oil seal needed to completely seal one engine
  • Top End Kits contain every gasket, sealing washer, O-ring and oil seal needed to seal from the base gasket upwards
  • MLS head gaskets promote an even torque load across the gasket sealing surface, providing less bore distortion and better piston ring seal for more power


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
0934-0556Top End Gasket Kit$68.95
0934-3200Exhaust Gasket Kit$16.95
0934-3201Intake Gasket Kit$6.95
0934-3202Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3205Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3207Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3209Intake Gasket Kit$20.95
0934-3210Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3216Exhaust Gasket Kit$16.95
0934-3217Intake Gasket Kit$13.95
0934-3220Exhaust Gasket Kit$12.95
0934-3225Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3234Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3239Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3245Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3249Exhaust Gasket Kit$16.95
0934-3252Exhaust Power Valve Kit$5.95
0934-3254Exhaust Power Valve Kit$18.95
0934-3259Exhaust Power Valve Kit$16.95
0934-3264Exhaust Power Valve Kit$7.95
0934-3267Exhaust Gasket Kit$5.95
0934-3270Exhaust Gasket Kit$16.95
0934-3273Exhaust Gasket Kit$6.95
0934-3274Intake Gasket Kit$6.95
0934-3275Exhaust Gasket Kit$13.95
0934-3276Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3279Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3284Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3285Exhaust Gasket Kit$6.95
0934-3287Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3289Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3290Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3293Exhaust Power Valve Kit$2.95
0934-3296Exhaust Gasket Kit$11.95
0934-3299Exhaust Power Valve Kit$6.95
0934-3302Exhaust Power Valve Kit$6.95
0934-3303Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3305Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3306Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3309Exhaust Gasket Kit$6.95
0934-3310Exhaust Gasket Kit$6.95
0934-3311Exhaust Gasket Kit$10.95
0934-3315Exhaust Power Valve Kit$5.95
0934-3317Exhaust Power Valve Kit$5.95
0934-3321Intake Gasket Kit$24.95
0934-3323Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3324Exhaust Power Valve Kit$7.95
0934-3325Top End Gasket Kit$46.95
0934-3326Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3328Exhaust Gasket Kit$9.95
0934-3335Intake Gasket Kit$13.95
0934-3344Exhaust Gasket Kit$16.95
0934-3347Exhaust Power Valve Kit$5.95
0934-3350Exhaust Gasket Kit$12.95
0934-3356Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3358Exhaust Gasket Kit$6.95
0934-3359Exhaust Power Valve Kit$2.95
0934-3360Exhaust Gasket Kit$5.95
0934-3362Exhaust Gasket Kit$5.95
0934-3363Exhaust Power Valve Kit$5.95
0934-3367Intake Gasket Kit$6.95
0934-3371Exhaust Gasket Kit$13.95
0934-3374Intake Gasket Kit$28.95
0934-3375Exhaust Gasket Kit$16.95
0934-3397Exhaust Gasket Kit$8.95
0934-3398Intake Gasket Kit$14.95
0934-340975mm Big Bore Exhaust Gasket Kit$14.95
0934-3417Exhaust Power Valve Kit$16.95
0935-0616Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0620Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0621Crankshaft Seal Kit$13.95
0935-0623Crankshaft Seal Kit$12.95
0935-0626Crankcase Seal Kit$12.95
0935-0627Crankshaft Seal Kit$12.95
0935-0628Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0631Crankshaft Seal Kit$12.95
0935-0633Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0634Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0635Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0636Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0637Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0639Crankshaft Seal Kit$7.95
0935-0640Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0641Crankshaft Seal Kit$7.95
0935-0645Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0647Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0649Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0651Crankshaft Seal Kit$10.95
0935-0652Crankshaft Seal Kit$10.95
0935-0655Crankshaft Seal Kit$13.95
0935-0656Crankshaft Seal Kit$11.95
0935-0659Crankshaft Seal Kit$11.95
0935-0660Crankshaft Seal Kit$10.95
0935-0661Crankshaft Seal Kit$13.95
0935-0662Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0663Crankshaft Seal Kit$7.95
0935-0664Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0667Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0671Crankshaft Seal Kit$14.95
0935-0674Crankshaft Seal Kit$19.95
0935-0675Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0676Crankshaft Seal Kit$19.95
0935-0678Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0681Crankshaft Seal Kit$45.95
0935-0682Crankshaft Seal Kit$11.95
0935-0683Crankshaft Seal Kit$19.95
0935-0684Crankshaft Seal Kit$9.95
0935-0687Crankshaft Seal Kit$14.95
0935-0689Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0691Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0693Crankshaft Seal Kit$14.95
0935-0699Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0700Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0702Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0704Cranksahft Seal Kit$14.95
0935-0706Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
0935-0707Crankshaft Seal Kit$15.95
C1007Top End Gasket Kit$45.95
C1010SComplete Gasket Kit$88.95
C1011Top End Gasket Kit$68.95
C1014Top End Gasket Kit$65.95
C1015Top End Gasket Kit$82.95
C1018Top End Gasket Kit$82.80
C1025Top End Gasket Kit$65.95
C1026Top End Gasket Kit$79.95
C1035Top End Gasket Kit$68.95
C2004Top End Gasket Kit$46.95
C2018Top End Gasket Kit$44.95
C2018SComplete Gasket Kit$51.95
C2035Top End Gasket Kit$62.95
C2035SComplete Gasket Kit$75.95
C2040Top End Gasket Kit$62.95
C2045Top End Gasket Kit$65.95
C2049Top End Gasket Kit$63.95
C2054Top End Gasket Kit$54.95
C2056Top End Gasket Kit$62.95
C2057Top End Gasket Kit$65.95
C3006SComplete Gasket Kit$51.95
C3017Top End Gasket Kit$59.95
C3025Top End Gasket Kit$55.95
C3026Top End Gasket Kit$44.95
C3029Top End Gasket Kit$44.95
C4005Top End Gasket Kit$32.95
C4008Top End Gasket Kit$46.95
C4017Top End Gasket Kit$65.95
C4021Top End Gasket Kit$65.95
C4025Top End Gasket Kit$65.95
C4026Top End Gasket Kit$65.95
C4028Top End Gasket Kit$54.95
C4028SComplete Gasket Kit$62.95
C4036Top End Gasket Kit$90.95