• One of the best performance upgrades available for a stock sled
  • Patented keel design and snow induction process improve the overall handling of any sled and minimize the tendency to dart or follow existing tracks
  • Reverse angle keel cuts its own footprint, which minimizes darting and maximizes control
  • Lightweight and flexible design provides added suspension for a smoother and more controllable ride
  • Sold in pairs with black loop handle installed
  • Optional colored handles sold separately
  • Order pair of skis, pair of mount kits and pair of wearbars for a complete set of skis
  • Wearbars sold in Runner section under Woody's
Mount Kit

Mount Kit

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
4603-0082Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95
4603-0083Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95
4603-0084Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95
4603-0085Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95
4603-0086Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95
4603-0087Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95
4603-0088Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95
4603-0089Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95
4603-0090Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95
4603-0091Trail Ski Mount Kit$34.95


Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
4602-0080Black Trail Skis$279.95
4602-0081White Trail Skis$279.95
4602-0082Black/White Swirl Trail Skis$304.95
4602-0083Black/Yellow Swirl Trail Skis$304.95
4602-0084Black/White/Gray Camo Trail Skis$304.95
4602-0085Yellow/Black/White Camo Trail Skis$304.95
Ski Handle

Ski Handle

Part #DescriptionSug. Retail Price
4603-0078Black Ski Handle$24.95
4603-0079Red Ski Handle$24.95
4603-0080White Ski Handle$24.95
4603-0081Yellow Ski Handle$24.95